We are Dov and Carter

Welcome to our humble abode. We have known each other since the dawn of time. Thats a pretty long time considering we are just 13 year olds living in New York. See what I did there I slipped in a bio without you even noticing. So hah I guess.


Have bio will travel (Q, What? A, Shut up its 12:00 am) learn some fun facts about your two favorite or least favorite people, really depends on what side of the political isle you fall on. Or a bunch of other things, you know what have a bio:

Carter Nyhannnnnnnnn

  1. Drummer for control the sound
  2. Awesome
  3. Avid Google Pixel aficionado
  4. Probably not wearing underwear (Dov is making this site, I think he would want me to make that clear)
  5. Brooklynite
  6. City kid
  7. Always Broke (plug patreon or something hear tbd)

Dov Alperin

  1. Intense nerd
  2. Computer Programmer
  3. Loves to make things
  4. Often times broke
  5. MacOS/Linux not really windows guy
  6. Android
  7. Loves music
  8. fdskljljkfdl